Precision Marketing

Maximize revenue through relevance

Precision Marketing is the science of applying data-driven relevant messaging to create targeted, effective communications across multiple marketing channels: print, email, online, social, mobile and others.

Ricoh is a Precision Marketing thought leader. Our best practices have helped companies capture measurable ROI in as little as four weeks. We help commercial printers, service bureaus, enterprise data centers and enterprise marketers define the most practical, profitable route to revenue by implementing Precision Marketing.

When you deliver timely, relevant messages to individuals with pinpoint accuracy, you make the most of every end-customer interaction. You can drive improved response rates, higher customer retention and improved brand loyalty and value, compared to campaigns that don’t use Precision Marketing.

To achieve these results, it’s necessary to coordinate marketing, analytics, customer communications, document production and response management actions. Good news: we know how to help you at every stage. Our marketing analytics, along with the integration skills to connect disparate systems and information silos, are Ricoh strengths.

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Inkjet Investment Protection

More capabilities, more value via on-site upgrades.

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Introducing Clickable Paper

Connect printed pages to online resources.

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A Precision Marketing solution equips your business to:

  • Create relevant, personalized communications that boost response, build brand value and deliver measurable ROI
  • Leverage an industry-leading workflow foundation and an array of Precision Marketing methods, all tailored to meet your requirements
  • Invest your marketing dollars wisely with measurable returns
  • Improve enterprise bill clarity and reduce call-center traffic
  • Communicate special offers to up-sell, cross-sell and drive business results
  • Strengthen and expand multichannel marketing
  • Utilize low-cost SaaS marketing asset management software by PTI, to create, track, print and manage variable data pieces and cross-media campaigns

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