• Book-of-one and ultra short-run books solutions
  • Integration services that maximize existing investments
  • High-quality, versatile continuous-form inkjet printers
  • Expert guidance for digital print workflow and finishing


End-to-end digital solutions for ultra short-run books

Exceed publishers’ expectations
The core of our publishing solutions? Automated workflow. It works flawlessly with your existing systems and printers. With it, you can manage data efficiently, produce all kinds of ultra-short run books quickly and track elements from start to finish.


Focus on efficiency and profits
Sync your goals with publishers’ goals. Help them reduce inventory and warehousing costs while you increase revenue and profitability. Our solution helps you eliminate manual touch points and produce jobs, even books of one, like clockwork. And you can reprint damaged or missing elements automatically.

Get it in your size
Off-the-shelf solutions may not be quite right or don’t integrate easily, which leads to workarounds. We customize a modular solution for you, so you know it’s right. When you’re ready, you can add optional features. And you can count on us to provide integration, training, and remote or onsite support.


Accept data-rich jobs
Books might be your core business, but why not expand into customized publishing, like course packs or manuals? Or critical communications, which have to be produced perfectly because they’re regulated. Our automated workflows and digital front ends work with all kinds of file formats and datastreams. And it’s easy to create reports for compliance or billing purposes.


Rip and replace? No need.
Some vendors are stymied by the complexity of merging old and new technology. We’re not. As long as your software and printers provide value, we’ll find a way to keep them going. You can even integrate third-party products or tools you’ve developed yourself.

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  • InfoPrint 5000 roll-fed inkjet family: Increase your output versatility for short-run books, custom publishing, Print on Demand and data-rich applications. Compact, energy-efficient monochrome and color models can be upgraded onsite. The optional media dryer lets you run coated stocks, inline finishing saves time, and ink management tools help you reduce total cost of print.

  • InfoPrint 4100 Advanced Function Printing Systems: Step up from cutsheet to high-speed, roll-fed, electro-photographic printing of business publications, books and more. With the extra-wide web, you can print true 3-up pages and lower printing costs. The InfoPrint 4100 provides 600 dpi image quality, intelligent halftone switching and color emulation (so you can use applications developed for color printing).

  • RICOH Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition cutsheet printer: Produce vibrant, full-color covers with true 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution. You can achieve near-offset quality with Ricoh’s toners and oil-less fusing technology and print full bleeds on media sizes up to 13” x 19.2”. EFI Fiery print controllers offer advanced color and job management tools.


  • RICOH TotalFlow Cadence for Publishing: A single, efficient, automated workflow solution ideal for ultra-short runs, books of one and other custom publishing solutions. The fully automated workflow groups jobs and moves batches through imposition, printing and finishing, with precise tracking of each copy.

  • RICOH ProcessDirector: Vendor-neutral, modular workflow manager software for high-volume operations that automates processes and provides a single point of control. Includes a graphical workflow builder and a database-driven process engine. AFP™ and/or PDF.

  • RICOH ProcessDirector Express: A “light” version of RICOH ProcessDirector that is designed for small and midsize operations. Can be upgraded to RICOH ProcessDirector. PDF only.

  • Clickable Paper™: An interactive print and cross-media solution that can be a new revenue stream. This cloud-based service connects printed pages to online resources, so app users can learn, play or buy.

  • MarcomCentral: A SaaS web-to-print solution that lets you expand print, email and cross-media campaign offerings. You can create, print, manage and deliver books and other pieces that are static or personalized or that include variable data. Your customers submit orders using predefined, press-ready PDF templates.

  • InfoPrint Manager: Across one or more sites, you can monitor and manage production printers and distributed printers. The web-based interface is easy to use, and it provides message, error and accounting logs. Certain features help you save paper, improve document security and lower cost of printing.

  • Ink Savvy feature of the InfoPrint Ink Suite: This optional feature of RICOH ProcessDirector workflow software works with the InfoPrint 5000. You can fine tune PDF and AFP files, which reduces ink usage and improves color quality.

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