• Easy-to-use turnkey workflow solutions
  • 100 percent piece-level tracking and reporting
  • Unprecedented control over print-ready files
  • Postal and operational cost savings

Critical Communications

Produce regulated, customized or personalized documents perfectly

Is it critical?
If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you're working with critical communications. And if you make a mistake, your business suffers. If you print them accurately, your business prospers.
  • Does the document have to be perfect?
  • Is it regulated?
  • Are you required to track and report on it?
  • Does it contain customization or personal information?

Cash in on critical communications
How large is the opportunity? In the U.S., billions of "critical" documents are produced every year—insurance policies, medical records, voting ballots, statements, customized direct mail, casino coupons, lottery tickets and more. Ricoh’s Critical Communications solution suite helps you prove that each critical communication is accurately produced and delivered.

Get your regulatory ducks in a row
Industries such as healthcare and finance want to outsource printing more than ever, but maintaining regulatory compliance can be daunting. Worry no more. Our easy-to-use, turnkey Critical Communications solutions prevent errors from creeping into your work. And when regulations and document formats change, your solution can be reconfigured easily. No need to risk non-compliance.

Tag, data integrity, you're it
Our Critical Communications software tags each document and page electronically, so you can pinpoint errors and jobs that require reprinting. You can report on each piece to prove that each document is delivered to the right person and complies with the applicable regulations.

Downsize mail costs
Do you know your total cost of postage, materials, insertion equipment and sorting equipment? Here’s a hint: It’s a big number. Downsize it! Our software automates the process of address cleansing and verifying deliverability. In addition, when you sort for high-volume discounts, you can shave cents off the first-class postage rate.

Small business, big results
Our Critical Communications solutions rival the solutions available to large businesses—at a fraction of the cost. And because they are vendor neutral, they fit right into your infrastructure so you can avoid complications or costly surprises. Want to be even more competitive? Consider data analytics or a modern document composition solution.

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The Critical Communications solution suite consists of three software "platforms":

  • Our modular workflow automation software, RICOH ProcessDirector and RICOH ProcessDirector Express, offers these optional critical communications features:
    • Automated Verification enables 100 percent mail integrity and peace of mind. It scans pieces at multiple points in a workflow, reports errors and automates any necessary reprints.
    • Deadline Tracker helps keep jobs on schedule based on criteria you set.
    • Cutsheet printer support for Xerox and Kodak lets you connect the cutsheet printers of Ricoh and other leading manufacturers to the workflow. And you can count on piece-level integrity regardless of which printer you use.
  • RICOH TotalFlow DocEnhancer, an Adobe Acrobat Professional plug-in tool, allows you to edit fully composed PDF files and extract data to prepare lists and reports. Optional critical communications features include:
    • Ticketer simplifies and speeds up ticketing because you can set rules once for media, finishing and exceptions for all pieces in a file.
    • Verification provides basic tracking, accounting, reprinting and reporting capabilities, so you can know that every piece is produced accurately.

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